University project | Autumn Semester 2023

Marquês de Pombal High School

Flexible Design System, Wayfinding, Placemaking, App Prototyping, 3d modeling

During my semester at IADE in Lisbon, within the Global Design Bachelor, I worked with my  Marie Juchems on a project aimed at giving a High School in Lisbon (Portugal) a fresh and vibrant identity. In our project journey, we first analyzed the school's environment and communication problems, brainstorming a concept to form the basis of our visual identity, we then developed a flexible visual system, based on a shape study of a square (inspired by architectural elements of the school). In the second part of the semester, we created a cohesive wayfinding system, an interactive infographic (in the context of placemaking), and prototyped an app for the students. Having a background in Multimedia, my main contribution to the project was within the Interactive Placemaking and App development.

Illustrator, Figma, Blender

Personal project | July 2023

Alessandra Fedel Viaggi

Website prototype, Wordpress website building, Hosting, Logo design, Content creation

I created a new brand identity for Alessandra, a travel agent. She wanted her brand and new website to be elegant, simple and attractive. After choosing some basics together, I started working on the design and development of the website, using Wordpress. I also created some video content for the website to make it more engaging.I sent updates every 2/3 days, and asked for feedback. I finished my work, with the SEO optimization.

The live Website: alessandrafedelviaggi.com

Figma, Wordpress, Gutenberg

Uni project | May 2023

CALIMERO | ad remake

3D Animation, Rigging, Motion Tracking

In this project I took an ad from the 50s and revisited it in the modern days, using 3D animation and a 2D background. I started from rigging the main character and creating a walk cycle and some special effects in Blender (bubbles). I added the 2D background and eventually added sound effects in post-production.

Blender, Adobe Premiere

Uni project | April 2023

BRON kombucha

Branding guidelines, Packaging, Mockups

In this project we worked in International teams (from Czech Republic, Finland and the Netherlands). We had a real life client: a kombucha company, BRON, that needed a rebrand. My team members were bussiness students, so me and a classmate took care of the graphical part of the branding of BRON, giving it this new fresh and classy look in every aspect of the product, that represents the new face of BRON.

Figma, Photoshop, Illustrator

Personal project | July 2023


Logotype, Packaging, Mockups

In this project I participated in a fictive branding challenge from @briefclub. I had to create a new brand for a produce vendor, Samuel Harper. The key feature I wanted to communicate was the freshness of the produce, this translates into modern and bright colors complemented by a clean white for professionalism. The illustrations as well as the typeface usde help projecting the brand into modern times, while keeping the brand experienced and reliable.

Photoshop, Illustrator

Personal project | March 2023


UX/UI design of Web App, Logo

For this personal project I have helped a friend of mine who’s developing a marketplace for digital art. He needed the design for the Webapp from where the artists will manage their listings. It needed to be easy to use and visually appealing.

Figma, Adobe Illustrator

Uni project | June 2022

EASE IN | Interactive Media Design

App Prototype, Communication Plan, Website, Video Teaser

In this project we worked individually to create a startup. We had classes in Storytelling Essentials, Visual Communication and Web coding. We had to take care of the prototype of the app and code a landing page for it. In addition to that we had to create a communication plan to launch the company and a teaser video for it.

Figma, HTML, CSS, Premiere Pro

Uni project | April 2023

Antwerp FabLab

Ideation: Value Proposition; GTM strategy: Market Positioning, Target Audience, Pricing, Channels, Guerilla Campaign

The Goal for this project was to reinvent the FabLab in Antwerp, this meant rethinking the Fablab's service at KdG from a local or global perspective, creating a GTM strategy for the new service/product and design a guerrilla marketing campaign.

My FabLab concept provides a safe space, and a supportive community for older people to explore their creativity and connect, and it closes teh generational gap by collaborating with elementary schools.

Uni project | October 2022


Pre-production and production, post-production

During this projects we worked on several video production. One is a product campaign for a pizza restaurant. The second one is an awareness campaign. I worked in teams for both videos: Product video in collaboration with Douniazade Megri and Theofania Latsou ; Campaign video in collaboration with: Joanna Taal and Naim Abu Ghaida.

Adobe Premiere, Miro

Branding, Wordpress Responsive Website, Content Creation

UX/UI design (Lo-Fi, Hi-Fi wireframe, Design system)
Uni project

Illustrations, layout, copywriting
Personal project

Graphics, photography and video, event promo
Personal project